Vintage Guitar: Quad-6V6 Hoochie-Koo, The VVT Rick Derringer Hyperdrive

To a certain degree, the Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers’ Rick Derringer Hyperdrive model was born of intimidation. When VVT proprietors Tony Albany and Jim Hill began discussing a signature amp head with a guitarist Rick Derringer, whose style can shift from hard rock to blues to jazz, they figured they’d have their hands full. Derringer was already the proud owner of two VVT 6V6-based amps, but he needed something with more power for live gigs, two channels, and most important, something that could produce high gain without buzz. After testing a prototype four-6V6-powered head designed for him by Albany, Derringer was satiated, and suggested only a few cosmetic changes and the addition of a boost circuit. The VVT Rick Derringer Hyperdrive was born!

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