Guitar Amp and Audio Transformers

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Mercury Magnetics

Your quest for truly inspirational and superior tone has led you to the final link in the chain – Mercury Magnetics. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish the platform for shaping your amp’s unique sound.

Music Amp Brands & More

Amp Saver

Protect your investment. Mercury’s Amp-Saver™ technology controls the power flowing into your amp – so you can power up confidence every time. The patented microprocessor controlled Amp-Saver automatically works with your amp’s on/off switch – simply plug in, turn on and play.

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Commercial / Industrial

For over 60 years, Military, Industrial, and Commercial buyers have relied on Mercury Magnetics® for the best in Transformer Engineering Design and Manufacturing. Whether designing turnkey magnetic products or building to customer-supplied specs, 100% of our manufacturing and design is done on-site in our Southern California facility.

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NewVolt Automotive

Need a boost? The NewVolt® product line from Mercury Magnetics® is the answer for Auto and Marine applications demanding more power and better performance from stock ignitions, pumps, and motors.

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