Vintage Guitar: Big Finnish — The Mad Professor MP101

MAD PROFESSOR AMPLIfication founder Harri Koski built his reputation first by distributing high-quality effects pedals hand-made in Sweden by amp and pedal designer Bjorn Juhl, and later by building an amplifier and pedal company around Juhl’s design work. A couple years ago he decided to build a new guitar amplifier that would complement his pedals, so he teamed up again with Juhl. The culmination of their work is the MP101. A 100-watt channel-switching head, the MP101 is hand-made by Koski’s company in Finland. Dressed in black-and-tan Tolex on a Baltic birch cab, its front panel has controls for Volume for each channel, as well as Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Master 1, and Master 2, and a channel switch for use when the footswitch is not connected. Removing the back

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