Guitar Amplifier System

Van Halen guitar tech Tom Weber recently stopped by 3rd Power ( headquarters in Nashville, TN, to check out the all-tube HLH100 Series Guitar Amplifier System. With regard to the ’68 Plexi-inspired HD100, Weber says, “This amplifier far surpassed my expectations. There was nothing that I asked it to do that was not met by no less than stellar performance.”

This quad-powered EL34 head delivers rich distortion tones and cleans up as it should with a lighter touch and a spin of your guitar’s volume knob. Patent-pending DirecDRIV technology gives you smear-free tonality of your collection of unique instruments. “The nuances of various guitar designs and pickup choices are highly articulate when playing through the HD100,” says 3rd Power owner Jamie Scott. Foot-switchable lead boost allows users to easily alternate between preset volume levels.

Weber’s career in the music industry has spanned over 30 years. During that time, he’s designed and built and maintained an incredible array of musical instruments, amplifiers and electronic systems. From his unique perspective, Weber continues, the HD100 is “…truly what I feel the Plexi should have become by now. I certainly would love to own one of these myself!”

Photo caption: 3rd Power’s HLH100 Series Guitar Amplifier System


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