Upgrading a Reissue Plexi

I have a 1987 model 50-watt reissue Plexi head that is completely stock. I don’t care for the sound of an attenuator, and I want this amp to sound as close to an older Plexi as it can get. What do you recommend for the best possible tone?

We get this kind of question nearly every day. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “No two Plexis sound the same,” but there’s a ring of truth to that. One could surmise that if Marshall (as well as other amp manufactures of the time period) ran short of parts it would substitute the next-closest thing to keep the production line moving along, which would logically explain the numerous differences in circuitry that have been documented. Additionally, a lesser known fact is that there were also transformer differences in the early Plexis.

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