ToneQuest: Mad Professor Amps

One of the key components in Mark Karan’s live rig is the formidable Mad Professor MP101 amp. As we pondered the true intention of the MP101 and its imposing presence in our music room, it occurred to us that in all the years we have been writing amp reviews and interviews, we had never featured a 100 watt amp that was actually being used on stage by a featured player. Fifty watt versions, yes, and we have tinkered with a vintage 100 watt Marshall or two, but this was a first – a true performance amp with the power to absolutely crush a curious reviewer working in such close proximity to so much air being moved. To protect our ears from the sound pressure created by the MP101, we put up a big Clear-Sonic baffle and let fly over the course of two weeks with stellar results. We also asked the agreeable fellows in Finland at Mad Professor to explain the origins of the MP101 (which we began referring to here as the Magic Pig), and the OS21 prototype we received for review. An informative response from the chief designer of Mad Professor amps, Björn Juhl follows:

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