ToneQuest : Building the Perfect Plexi with Peter Stroud, Don (Tone Man) Butler and Mercury Magnetics

Seen the price of a vintage Marshall Plexi lately? Your three grand won’t guarantee a virgin circuit or great tone, but if real Plexi tone is what you’re all about, you can get there for a lot less, guaranteed. When TQR Advisory board member and Sheryl Crow guitarist Peter Stroud decided to make a Plexi from his late ’70s fawn 100W head, we enlisted the capable assistance of our main toneman Don Butler and the team at Mercury Magnetics, home of
the ToneClone line of authentic vintage-style replacement transformers. Mercury has blueprinted and reproduced nearly every vintage transformer made for guitar amplifiers, and they can rewind any blown transformer to exact, original specs and sound. So settle back and enjoy the following discussion and review of Peter Stroud’s successful conversion of a common (they built 1,000s) Marshall 100W into a stellar 100W Plexi.
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