57′ Amp Built around Mercury Magnetics Transformers

Fender ’57 Amp at-a-Glance:

  • New look, classic tone

  • Handwired all-tube design

  • Limited run of only 300

Fender kicked the 5E3 Deluxe platform up a notch by using a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker in a new custom-designed maple cabinet with knurled ’57 logo knobs, solid aluminum handle and custom hardware. The amp includes a leather collector’s portfolio containing a certificate of authenticity, designer notes, factory photos and some other surprises. Custom-embroidered plush-lined cover included.

Limited run of only 300

Being a reissue of a classic Fender tube amp from the ’50s, the ’57 Amp was already certain to have an almost immediate cult following, but the fact that Fender is only building 300 of these beauties ensures that the ’57 Amp will be a hot commodity.

A revamped Fender ’57 tube amp chock full of tone!

The Fender ’57 Amp is a reissue of the revered Tweed Deluxe, an amp with the classic tone that helped propel Fender tube amps to top of the “most wanted” list of guitarists the world over. Each of these all-tube beauties is handwired and built within a solid maple cabinet with a black “piano lacquer” finish.

The ’57 Amp is built around a custom set of Mercury Magnetics transformers and loaded with a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a matched set of 6V6 output tubes driving a 12″ Celestion Alnico Blue speaker. The ’57 Amp is handwired with all tube circuitry on an eyelet board with a late 1950s 5E3 circuit pumping out about 12 watts of true Fender tube tone. Tube tweakers and vintage enthusiasts can swap one of the 12AX7s for a 12AY7 to capture the lower-gain tone of the original Tweed Deluxe from the ’50s. Fender also thoughtfully incorporated a 5Y3 rectifier tube, which contributes to natural tube compression and “sag” when the amp is pushed harder. The ’57 Amp is a must have for Fender fans!

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