Premium Guitar Amplifier Power Transformers

Did you know that tube-based guitar amplifier transformers are unusual and very different from industrial as well as audio transformers? And did you also know that it is impossible to engineer the “perfect” guitar amplifier power transformer from strictly “by the book” specifications? Interestingly, almost all of the great-sounding amp transformers contain either flaws, “happy accidents,” or have other issues in their construction that were not part of their original specifications.

Your quest for truly inspirational and superior tone has led you to the final link in the chain – Mercury Magnetics. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes.

Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish the platform for shaping your amp’s unique sound.

Today’s players are more informed and demanding than ever. They hear the differences and know that both transformer design and build-quality have a dramatic effect on their tone. Indeed, if your tube-based amp is suffering from bland and unexciting tone then it’s probably related to low-end or poorly designed transformers. As amp designers, techs and manufacturers have discovered, the practice of dumping generic, low-bidder transformers into their amps doesn’t cut it any more. And now you know why.

Within the player community no other company commands as much respect as Mercury Magnetics. You can depend on our uncompromising, fanatical build quality, consistency and reliability.

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