Premium Guitar Amplifier Output Transformers

Truly inspirational and superior tone has led you to the final link in the chain – Mercury Magnetics. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes.

100% American made — no hidden imports — we really do make ’em from scratch, right here in California!

100% handmade and hand-tuned using only hand-wound components. We never compromise or play bean-counter games by short-cutting, attrition or using cheaper materials. Each and every transformer is consistent. If you ever need to replace one of our transformers, your amp won’t lose its tone — your replacement will sound exactly the same as the original.

American-made steel — we’re the only transformer manufacturer who custom orders, from an American steel mill, the unique alloys used in our transformers. These alloys are not only made here in the USA to military specifications, they are not available anywhere else in the world. They’re the same alloys used in the all-time best-sounding transformers during the “sweet spot” era (pre-1965) of guitar amplification history.

Things are never stagnant around here. Mercury maintains active and ongoing R&D (research & development). All kinds of new and exciting-sounding transformer designs (Axiom series), as well as our ongoing cloning of outstanding output transformers mined from the great old amps (ToneClone series). For vintage British amp freaks, check out our Radiospares, Hiwatt and Partridge series. And many modern amps can be upgraded with our APS series — our newest line of guitar amp-specific output transformers.

For any popular amp design we’re likely to have not just one but several transformers for different purposes and different tonal characteristics. It’s always a smart idea to discuss replacement, restoration or upgrading with your Mercury rep. — you’ll find his input invaluable.

Our output transformers are found in the amps of virtually every major player in the world. Many specify Mercury and won’t play an amp without them.

Mercury transformers are standard components or factory upgrades available in virtually all high-end boutique amps, including Fender’s boutique and custom shop lines.

Mercury transformers are so highly rated that they typically increase the value of any amplifier they’re installed in.

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