Next-Generation Trannys: Vintage tone — but more, more… MORE!

Did you know that Mercury™ has been developing and perfecting THE next-generation of guitar amp magnetics? When it comes to guitar tone our Axiom® series may be one of the most significant advancements since the mid-1960s.

Here’s why. We now have the “rear-view-mirror” benefit of knowing what made certain amps sound good… and just as important — what didn’t. Mercury was the first, and still is the only company, to capture and retain the sound of the most desirable old school amps with our ToneClone® series trannys. But, along the way, we discovered that we could now do things the old school guys never dreamed of. The Axiom® series was born!

Our Axiom® series answers many of the “what if” questions that has plagued both players and amp designers for decades. For example: What if you could mix the characteristics of one amp’s outstanding magnetics with another — say, get both Fender– and Marshall-tones from the same amp without the lifelessness of digital emulation? Or, what if there was no quality limits imposed on how transformers were made (you wouldn’t believe how dumbed-down most transformers are!)?

The Axiom® series isn’t only the result of engineering expertise. We received profound contributions from many of the finest players who ever recorded—musicians who generously gave their insight and direction to this on-going project. Axiom® “high def” transformers take your tone, clean or distorted, to the next level. Axiom-ized amps give you more vivid harmonic overtones, added sparkle, more dynamic headroom, and much better note separation. Even if you’re into weapons of mass distortion, Axiom® transformers deliver a far wider spectrum of tonal variations and possibilities than any previous design.

So, whether you’re upgrading an existing amp, or working on a new design, give our Axiom® line a test drive—you won’t be disappointed.


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