NASA — Requirements for Soldered Electrical Connections


1. Unless otherwise specified or approved by the procuring NASA Installation, parts shall be mounted parallel to, and in contact with the mounting surface.

2. IRREGULARLY SHAPED PARTS. When the shape of parts is such that only point contact can be made with the mounting surface, additional support shall be provided.

3. HEAVY PARTS. Parts which weigh more than 1/2 ounce (14 grams) shall be supported. Design requirements shall specify method of support or attachment.

4. METAL CASE PARTS. Metal cased parts mounted over printed conductors, or which can come in contact with each other or with other conductive material, shall be encased in transparent insulation. Such parts shall not be mounted over solder connections.

5. GLASS ENCASED PARTS. Glass encased parts (such as diodes) shall be enclosed in transparent resilient sleeving or coating material when epoxy material is used for support, conformal coating, or potting.

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