Minimum Advertised Pricing for Mercury Dealers and Resellers

Effective immediately, all Mercury dealers and resellers are required to follow our M.A.P. in their advertising.

Definition: M.A.P. is the acronym for Minimum Advertised Price.” It is the lowest price Mercury Magnetics dealers and resellers can advertise our products for. In reselling Mercury’s products you agree to not advertise prices below M.A.PAdvertising, in this case means any form of printed or published promotion, including print ads, signage, eBay, banner ads, websites, etcM.A.P. establishes only the prices that appear in advertising, but does not dictate prices that the product may actually be sold for.

What is Mercury’s M.A.P.? The maximum discount you may advertise Mercury products for 5% off our published retail prices. For the most up-to-date retail prices, see Mercury’s website (

Why is the purpose of M.A.P.? M.A.P. is a method of ensuring that Mercury’s dealers and resellers make a fair profit margin without driving prices into “discount hell.” Mercury’s products have set prices so that our products do not end up being advertised at lower than necessary prices. M.A.P. is used to keep our product pricing consistent among sellers.

Are there violation penalties? Yes, violators will be beheaded. Or worse! You’ll lose your Mercury volume discount until the non-M.A.P. advertising is withdrawn (or some other arbitrary hand-slap capriciously doled out by Mercury).

Questions? Give us a call or email if you have questions.


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