VAREC180-O Output Transformers

I have a Mesa Triple Rectifier that for the most part I am pretty happy with, but I’ve read about replacing output transformers, tubes and all sorts of other stuff. I just want my amp to sound more present, punchy and for the distortion to sound clearer. What do you recommend?

The Dual and Triple Rectifiers are among the top five amp models we mod the most. You can check out the details, sound clips, etc on our website, however, before you go that route you may want to experiment with some new tubes and/or a new output transformer. For power tubes we really like the tone of the Ruby 6L6GCMSTRs with a PC rating number of around 35-45. For preamp tubes we have been using the GT-12AX-C (gold series) with our Standard or Deluxe Mods, but the GT-5751M (gold series) works well in a stock Mesa Rectifier.

The output transformer can also make a significant difference and recently we have been shipping our custom VAREC180-O output transformers directly to customers. These are made to our specs by Mercury Magnetics and it gives you 4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance taps. You can take the amp to your local tech to have it installed or perform the work yourself (if you know what you’re doing). The tonal difference is literally night and day. The amp will feel much easier to play on, tighter/richer on the bottom end, pinch harmonics come out with ease and the over all tone is much more focused


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