Mercury Magnetics Will Restore Flood-Damaged Transformers Free of Charge

In response to the last month’s devastating flood in Nashville, custom transformer builder Mercury Magnetics is offering to salvage and/or restore flood-damaged transformers free of charge. The process includes inspection and testing, evacuating moisture, and re-varnishing.

“Vintage and rare amps are never going to sound the same if this process isn’t done correctly,” said Patrick Selfridge, Service Manager for Mercury. “There’s a potential tragedy of some historically important tone being lost forever if those transformers are not properly brought back to life.”

Mercury reports a 90 percent success rate using their process. The company can be reached at (818) 998-7791 or via their website,

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Also, Music Rising, a campaign launched to aid musicians in the Gulf Coast region impacted by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, has pledged $250,000 to Nashville and the musicians affected by the floods. Co-founded by U2’s the Edge, producer Bob Ezrin, and Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, Music Cares will aid musicians with the repair and replacement of instruments damaged or destroyed in the recent Tennessee floods.

“Nashville is a treasure chest of Southern heritage and American musical tradition, and is indisputably the world’s country music capital. But it’s more than that. It is also home to one of the greatest concentrations of musical talent on earth,” said U2’s the Edge. “The news of the floods brought back terrible memories of Katrina and when Anderson Cooper of CNN titled his new coverage Nashville Rising, it became obvious what we had to do.”

Anyone interested in donating to Music Rising’s Nashville Flood Relief effort can do so by going to To apply for assistance, visit


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