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Just Imagine is the extraordinary rock ‘n’ roll celebration of the life and music of John Lennon starring look-and-sing-alike artist Tim Piper. Just Imagine intertwines John Lennon’s songs with the stories behind them to create a unique and electrifying multimedia concert experience. Backed by rock band Working Class Hero (Greg Piper on bass; Jerry Strull on guitar, Morley Bartnof on keyboards and Jim Laspesa on drums) Piper, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the late rock ‘n’ roll icon, channels Lennon in this critically acclaimed tribute.

“Just Imagine tells Lennon’s story in what I hope is an accurate and compelling way,” says Piper. “If you were there, it’s a trip back in time. If you weren’t, it’s a musical history lesson.”

The show has played all over the U.S., Canada, Santiago, Chile, Liverpool, England, Calcutta and Bangalore, India, Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, China, Japan and The Caribbean.

The LA Weekly wrote, “GO! The fun of seeing and hearing Tim Piper’s great John Lennon impersonation in an intimate setting with an outstanding band, under Greg Piper’s musical direction, is just undeniable.” Agreed the Los Angeles Times, “CRITIC’S CHOICE… Nothing matches ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ live, dense and ecstatic, raining down around your ears.” KABC Radio enthused, “Tim Piper IS John Lennon,” and KLOS 95.5’s Chris Carter raved that “[Just Imagine is] “Breakfast with the Beatles approved… if you like John Lennon, you will love this show.”

A musician, actor and songwriter Tim Piper has traveled the world performing music made famous by The Beatles and has distinguished himself as the preeminent John Lennon with roles in the CBS production The Linda McCartney Story, E! Channel’s John Lennon Story, Beatle Wives and as the singing voice of Lennon for the NBC TV movie of the week, In His Life -The John Lennon Story. With Working Class Hero, Piper has performed at numerous special events, including the only tribute act to perform at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, a pre-screening performance for the re-release debut of Yellow Submarine and the John Lennon 20th anniversary memorial gathering in Central Park.

Source: http://www.justimaginetheshow.com/

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