Specially Selected Transformers

In the May 2011 edition of Gitarre & Bass, Voodoo (www.VoodooAmps.com) had their V-Rock 100 tested and Mercury was very highly praised. You can see this test in the attachments.

The tester, Ebo Wagner, wrote:

“However, specially selected components are used: from coupling caps to the exquisite custom transformers from Mercury Magnetics, currently the leading manufacturer in this field, especially in terms of replicas of old transformers.”

He judged the tone, dynamic, transparency, response behavior, over tone spectrum (as very intensive and very lively), high gain with very harmonic distortion characteristics in the best praise possible.

In the June edition he tested the Hook R20 and R40 and wrote the following about Mercury:“All the transformers come from Mercury Magnetics and are currently the finest what one can purchase in this sector. With this in mind we already suspect that the rest can’t be bad either (won’t have bad parents either).”Again, in this test he marked all the tone/reaction points with highest marks.

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