ToneClone® Series Transformers

Let your ears re-discover and re-experience real vintage tone. Imagine having an unlimited budget (and time) to play thousands of amps — including the often spectacular specimens held in private collections all over the world. Then from this exhaustive search you get to pick the one or two that have THE sound.

ToneClone transformers are exact genetic duplicates from these sought-after amps. Many came from amps owned by your favorite players. The same amps that were used to record some of the greatest electric guitar songs we’ve known.

That’s why Mercury constantly seeks only the best-of-the-best transformers to add to our catalog. When an exceptional transformer is discovered, it is carefully studied, analyzed and duplicated. Mercury engineers clone every detail and nuance of these best-of-breed transformers — a process we’ve been refining and improving upon for decades.

ToneClone transformers are designed for upgrades, replacements or custom-built tube-based amps. ToneClone transformers come with both our 10-year Workmanship Warranty and Tonal Guarantee.

To find out more, or discuss to the characteristics of the different transformers sets available for your amps, give us a call or email.

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