Partridge™ Series Transformers

Mercury continues the tradition of the company that pioneered audio transformers in the U.K. Perhaps best known for their role in vintage Hiwatt amps, Partridge remains amongst the most preferred transformers from British amps of that era. Their design and build quality was a rarity, even for back then. And, like all well-made transformers from great designs, the original Partridges have their own outstanding tonal and other sonic qualities.

Our Partridge line are clones of the original Partridge transformers used mostly in the first Hiwatt amps. All Partridge transformers come with both our 10-year Workmanship Warranty and Tonal Guarantee.

Partridge transformers may be used for upgrades, replacements or custom tube-based guitar amp applications.

To find out more, or discuss to discuss the characteristics of the different tranny sets available for your amps, give us a call or email.

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