Mercury Vintage™ Transformer Restoration Service

Is the transformer of your prized vintage amp dying or no longer working? Do you have an original vintage transformer that is losing its tonality? Mercury will restore it to its original condition for you.

We start by methodically deconstructing your vintage transformer, documenting every detail, anomaly and wind. We then restore your transformer to its former glory. The proprietary procedures we use require an extremely high level of expertise. Therefore restorations are only performed by our technicians with 20 or more years experience.

We DO NOT alter your original transformer in any way. With our attention to detail you can be assured that your restored vintage transformer will look AND sound exactly as it did! Most pro musicians, technicians and studios already know that our rewinding services as the best there is. Period. We believe you will too, GUARANTEED!!

Please call us at Mercury Magnetics for more information regarding this restoration service. (818) 998-7791

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