Axiom® Series Transformers

Axiom series transformers are in a class by themselves. We’ve taken our advanced knowledge of modern transformer designs and mated it with our unparalleled expertise with vintage gear. The result is next-generation transformers that’ll blow your mind!

With Axiom transformers you not only get vintage tone — but a lot more! More bloom, more overtone color, and awesome tonal depth. If you ever needed a demonstration as to how outstanding transformers will affect your sound — Axiom transformers will astonish you.

Axiom transformers represent the most significant improvement in transformer design since the post-WWII era (American and British). Many mistakenly believe that modern transformers cannot duplicate the sound and tonal qualities of their original counterparts. Typically this would be true, however, Mercury has gone to extraordinary lengths to do the job the correct way. No other company has either the knowledge, expertise or the wherewithal to duplicate our efforts. Don’t be fooled by false claims.

The proof is in the product. Try our Axiom designs in your amp, and if you don’t love them, just send them back. No questions asked.

Axiom transformers come with both our 10-year Workmanship Warranty and Tonal Guarantee. Axiom transformers may be used for upgrades, replacements or custom tube-based guitar amp applications.

To find out more, or discuss to the characteristics of the different transformer sets available for your amps, give us a call or email.

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