APS® (American Pro Series) Transformers

The newest family of transformer designs from Mercury. APS transformers are built and specifically optimized for today’s amps and today’s tubes. Due to power, modern tube production, design and chassis “real estate” limitations, not all modern amps can be modified or upgraded to handle the full-on affects of our Axiom, ToneClone, Radiospares or Partridge transformers. APS transformers correct many of the design limitations of the stock transformers to give you the most your amp can offer. APS transformers make your amp more reliable and better sounding. If you depend on your modern amps for a living, then you need the peace of mind APS transformers will give you. Transformers made to take the punishment of being on the road and keeping your amp running.

All APS transformers come with our Automatic Thermal Resettable Fuses. Ask your Mercury Sales Rep about this important new feature! All APS transformers come with both our 10-year Workmanship Warranty. APS transformers may be used for upgrades or replacements for modern tube-based guitar amp applications.

To find out more, or discuss to the characteristics of the different transformers sets available for your amps, give us a call or email.

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