Beauty and the Blend — Sommatone Roaring 40

THERE’S AN INHEREN dichotomy when it comes to guitar amplifiers; the more TLC that goes into their construction, the tougher they are. Think about your average mass produced amp… then consider Sommatone Roaring 40. Built with heaping helpings of TLC by James Somma and Dan Arango, the Roaring 40 employs a heavygauge welded aluminim chassis, Mercury Magnetics transformers, stainless stell hardware, electrolytic capacitors by Sprague and F&T, silver-plated Teflon wire, four JJ EL84 power tubes with O-rings and heavy duty retaininers, four JJ 12AX7 prevamp tubes (and one more in the rectifier), tubular polypropylene signal capacitors, a U.S.-made Eminence Red Coat 12” driver and 13-ply birch cabinet.

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