The Phenomenon of Ear Fatigue

Did you know… that ear fatigue is related to poor transformer quality? If while playing (or listening to someone play) through an amp you find yourself tiring easily, or the experience seems unpleasant… you are experiencing the tell-tale signs of ear fatigue. It is nature’s way of telling you that something’s wrong. In nature all sounds are composed of layers of frequencies producing all sorts of harmonics and distortion. Ear fatigue is caused by information commingling with non-musical, unnatural noise that “beats up” your internal mechanisms. The mechanisms that make your hearing possible are working overtime trying to separate the desirable from the less desirable sounds. It’s the output transformer’s job to emphasize the even-order harmonics and make tones more musical, appealing, and less fatiguing. There’s no short-cut to building a quality transformer. The result is less effort by your ear to receive this information.


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