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    Epiphone | Valve Jr. | KIT

    Upgrade Kit for the remarkably inexpensive Epiphone Valve Jr. amp (combo or head). This demonstration Upgrade Kit features high-end, pro-quality performance transformers like those in great-sounding amps costing anywhere from hundreds to thousands more. Our Upgrade Kit makes the modified Valve Jr. the lowest-cost introduction ever to the wonderful world of boutique amplifier tone.

    Ever wonder how much better your amp could sound just by upgrading its transformers? Here’s your chance to discover the night and day difference.

    Included in the kit:
    – Axiom Power Transformer
    – Axiom Output Transformer (4, 8, 16 Ohm Taps)
    – Axiom Mini-Choke™
    – Other parts necessary to make the mod
    – Fully illustrated step-by-step color manual, with wiring schematics and instructions
    – BONUS! The “6V6 Mod.” Takes your Valve Jr. to even greater heights! Retrofits a 6V6 tube into the circuit. Allows you to run the EL-84 and 6V6 separately or in tandem.

    Available in 120V only. At this time export versions are not available. Amplifier not included.


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