Here’s how to enter the Fender '57 Twin-Amp Giveaway
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Simply create a list of:

  1. Your 5 favorite albums of all time.

  2. Your 5 favorite guitar players of all time.

  3. The famous guitarist who recently reunited one of the greatest blues-rock bands of all time (and who coincidentally plays two Fender ’57 Twin-Amps at the performances).

Send your list, along with your contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address) to:

Mercury Magnetics

Fender '57 Twin-Amp Giveaway

9167 Independence Ave.

Chatsworth, CA 91311

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No phone calls or faxes, please.

A boutique amp from Fender?!?

When Fender set out to build a no compromise hand-built amp they did it right. This all-tube, hand-wired combo rolls back the clock and does it the old way.

Naturally, Fender came to Mercury for our top-of-the-line transformers. Sergio Hamernik and crew worked directly with Fender's engineers whose "spare no expense, no holds barred" approach helped us to create the best-sounding transformers money could buy. This result is an amp that many top players have added it to their on-stage arsenals. If you're a serious player too, this amp is definitely a "must have."

Along with the factory equipped Mercury Magnetics transformers, Fender reproduced the 1955-57 edition "low powered" 5E8A circuit, which puts 40 watts into a pair of 12" Ted Weber/Eminence® speakers. Power comes from a pair of GT6L6-GE output tubes and Fender's rarely seen mid-'50s dual rectifier arrangement (using 5U4 rectifier tubes). With this design, power amp compression or "sag" is more subtle than in many Fender tweed designs. The Twin's preamp contains four high-gain 12AX7 tubes, three of which may be substituted with 12AY7s for the original '50s low-gain sound. An internal bias pot allows easy substitution of various 6L6 types. Control panel details include normal and bright volumes, four inputs (two normal; two bright), treble, bass and presence knobs. The '57 Twin's finger-joined solid pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone. The amp is covered in genuine lacquered tweed fronted with vintage brown/gold grille cloth. Leather strap handle on top and fitted cover included.

The original '57 Twin is one of the most collectible amps of all time. Its harmonically rich clean tones are perfect for a broad spectrum of music styles. We're very proud to have been part of this exclusive built in the USA project for Fender.

Retail value: $2,999.99.

Here's the Rules: No purchase is necessary. One entry per person (multiple entries will be discarded). All entries must be received by November 10th, 2006. All entries must answer all of the specified questions to be valid. The winner will be randomly selected by a drawing held at Mercury Magnetics on November 15, 2006. Every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the winner within 10 days. Upon failure to make contact a replacement winner will be selected using the same procedures. The amp giveaway is non-transferable. The winner may be required to sign and return an affidavit of compliance with these rules and a release for the use of his/her name for publicity purposes without further consideration. Winner agrees to supply a photograph or be photographed with the contest giveaway and allow this photo to be used for publicity purposes by Mercury Magnetics. This offer is void where prohibited by law, and is subject to all applicable federal, state, provincial, and local regulations. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner. The Fender '57 Twin-Amp Giveaway is open to anyone except employees of Mercury Magnetics or Fender (FMIC), and participating dealers. The winner does not have to live within the continental United States, but must be able to accept shipment within the continental USA. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Mercury Magnetics shall be the sole interpreter of the rules and conditions. The retail value of the '57 Twin-Amp is $2,999.99, actual prices may vary. Winner releases Mercury Magnetics, Gulf Enterprises Inc., Fender (FMIC), and its affiliates, agents, and employees from any responsibility or liability in connection with any loss, accident, or death incurred in connection with the use of this giveaway. These rules and conditions may change without prior notice. Mercury Magnetics is not affiliated with Fender (FMIC). Fender and '57 Twin-Amp is a trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC).

For more information, assistance, quotes or inquiries:

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